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We Export Hinoki Wood from Japan

SATOYAMA Factory – Established in 2022

(SATO in Japanese means “Home town” and YAMA is “Mountain”)

We are based in central Japan near where the Tono Hinoki(Cypress) trees grow. Since ancient times it has been known that Hinoki wood is of the highest quality types of timber found in Japan.

Over the past 60 years in the industry of wood product manufacture people have come to understand the need to preserve trees by properly maintaining the environment.

Armed with the wisdom of the past sixty years SATOYAMA Factory was created with the necessity of protecting the environment in mind.

With the sushi industry growing around the world there is a high demand for Hinoki wood to be used in construction as well as in furniture manufacture and other markets.

Hinoki (Cypress) wood is Supreme in Japan

Hinoki is known to grow in most areas of Japan. “Tono” Hinoki are Hinoki trees grown in the central area of Japan. Tono Hinoki has fine knots and a strong fragrance which has been loved by many since ancient times.

The Tono(central) region of Japan is suitable for growing high quality Hinoki. It has four seasons of well balanced temperature changes which enable the trees to be of the highest quality Hinoki in Japan.

In addition, the beautiful pink and glossy surface increases as the tree ages.

Hinoki has been used for pillars, beams, and furniture since ancient times. It has been used as a building material because of its beautiful appearance, high fragrance and because the wood itself has an insect repellent effect.

It is said that the hardness and the strength of the Hinoki increases year by year. Additionally the original characteristics of the wood persist for hundreds of years beyond its use.

Hinoki wood is well known to have been used in old temples in Kyoto and all over the country. Horyuji(an ancient temple) is known to have been built over thirteen hundred years ago using Hinoki. It is the oldest wooden structure which still stands today.

Bio – wood drying system 

The “Bio Wood Dryer” incorporates the human cell membrane theory, which won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2003. It does not destroy the wood cells, but uses biotechnology to remove only water from the wood. It is the world’s first drying technology introduction.

Our drying system is built using this method, assembled in accordance with the same standard. Our aim is to process Hinoki wood to be as close to natural as possible and the Bio drying system not only dries the wood, but also maintains Hinoki wood’s natural ability to repel insects & resist mold. 

Saw / Lumber mill

Over the past decade the timber industry has been shrunk & simplified with the increase of imported wood and lower cost building materials.

During our many years of experience in building wooden structures we have seen a growing demand for the preservation of the environment and with the concept of SDG(Sustainable Development Goals) there is an increase of interest in the Bio-drying system.

We have developed the ability to process Hinoki trees from log to finished lumber which is then cut to the required specifications in order to meet your expectations. 

All wood processed in the SATOYAMA Factory is timber from the mountains of central Japan.

Trees preserve the nature and brings us oxygen. SATOYAMA Factory was born as an initiative to protect the local nature by properly maintaining the mountain. 

See also short video of sawing machine. 

Examples of Hinoki 


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Inquiries / Visit SATOYAMA Factory

Hinoki is widely used in construction, furniture, and interiors also in aroma industry. 

We have the capability to ship and meet your requirements from log to processing and finishing your customized dimensions to meet customer demands. 

To further experience the wood we process, we strongly recommend visiting our facility, seeing our sawmill and as well as places where you can see Hinoki construction. We will arrange the tour for you to be able to visualize the end product and propose how you can make use of our Hinoki wood in your country.

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